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K.Sreedharan (Managing Director)

Chairman’s Message

A small step can bring a huge change. Health cannot be replaced with wealth and a doctors touch can heal your worries instantly. I feel a doctors smile and hospital care can help patients recover faster half of many worries disappears when we come across doctors like these . Today we live in a society where healthcare is becoming expensive and affordable costs comes with compromised values. Sreechand is built on a vision to give the best quality, affordable cost keeping in mind patient satisfaction. Making healthcare accessible, affordable and accountable for people of Kannur and North Malabar was my vision and now its our mission to keep these values alive and followed by everyone at Sreechand Speciality Hospital . We will touch your lives with smile

(Managing Director)

Board of Directors

Mr.Anoop K

Mr.Mearish K


Chief Executive Officer

Mr.Niroop Mundayadan


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