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ENT, Head & Neck Surgery

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) is one of the well-equipped departments with experienced faculty and infrastructure. Otorhinolaryngology, as it stands now, is not merely dependent on routine outdoor evaluation and conservative management as it used to be in past. The department has adjusted well with the advancement of medical technology. With the advent of modern day telescopes, operating microscopes and lasers, the department now handles various ear-nose-throat and neck disorders efficiently and precisely. The department has state-of-the-art microscopes to perform micro ear surgeries including cochlear implant. There are nasal and nasopharyngeal endoscopes for diagnostics and video endoscopy facilities for all types of endoscopic sinus surgeries including transnasal pituitary and surgery for CSF Rhinorrhoea.Microlaryngeal surgeries and voice-improving phonosurgery are also performed. There is a dedicated Voice Clinic, conducted weekly, to cater specifically to patients with voice issues. This includes the investigation modality of videolaryngostroboscopy. Salivary gland disorders are being managed by the new modality of Sialendoscopy. Our department specializes in doing endoscopic removal of salivary stones with sialadenoscope and is one of the leading centres in India. Sleep disorders, especially snoring and sleep apnoea, are growing in incidence. Our department has recently taken the lead in setting up a multi-disciplinary ‘Snoring Clinic’. Our department is the referral centre for airway disorders of both adults and children.


Head & neck surgeries

  • Thyroidectomy, Parotidectomy.
  • Maxillectomy, Sistrunks operation.
  • Submandibular siladenectomy.
  • Parapharygealtumors – excision.

Cancer Surgeries

  • Oral cavity cancer surgeries including glossectomies and Mandibulectomy.
  • Total & Partial Maxillectomies.
  • Thyroid & Parotid cancer surgeries.
  • Laryngectomy.
  • Selective and modified radical Neck dissections.

Endoscopic Procedures

  • Nasal endoscopy, Nasopharyngoscopy.
  • Otoendoscopy.
  • Direct laryngoscopy, Hypopharyngoscopy, Oesophagoscopy.
  • Plastic & Reconstructive surgeries – after excision of neck & facial tumours.
  • Microscopic Ear Surgery including Re-constructive Surgeries, and mastoidectomies.
  • Nasal Endoscopic Surgery (FESS), septal and turbinate surgeries.
  • Micro Laryngeal Surgery for Voice disorders.
  • Pediatric ENT surgery.
  • Surgery for Obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Head and Neck Surgery including Thyroid, Salivary Glands & Cancer Surgery.
  • Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy, endoscopic surgery for nasal bleed.
  • Round the clock trauma care & Emergency Services.
  • Deafness and Vertigo Clinic with dedicated audiology department equipped with pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry and speech and language therapy.
  • Headache and Tinnitus clinic.
  • Oesophagoscopy, Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy.
  • Full-fledged department equipped with full-fledged Video Endoscopy unit with monitor facility and reporting system, Air-conditioned Sound-Proof Audiometry Room.
  • Full-fledged operation theatre available for ENT department with essential facilities like high end operating endoscopy system, operating microscope, high-speed drill, microdebrider, etc.

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