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The department of Endocrinology at Sreechand is committed to providing comprehensive care to patients with hormonal and metabolism conditions. The department and its clinicians facilitate diagnosing and treating problems such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, obesity, irregular menstruation, and osteoporosis. They also hold expertise in treating conditions such as pituitary and adrenal disorders, growth and pubertal problems in children, and calcium- related problems it provides advanced care for diabetes mellitus as well as complex endocrine diseases. Hospital has expert facility for the investigation and treatment of endocrine problems in adult, paediatric, and adolescent patients and all the complications of diabetes. Sreechand is having dedicated and well-qualified SENIOR ENDOCRINOLOGY AND DIABETES SPECIALIST trained in diabetic foot management, insulin pump therapy, advanced obesity management, thyroid cancer, sex hormone & other hormonal issues along with a team of diabetic fellowship trainees, diabetic educators, physiotherapists, psychologists, podiatry assistants, medical social workers, dieticians and support nursing, administrative and research staff provide updated advanced treatment at affordable cost.

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