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Emergency Medicine & Trauma Care

In an emergency, time is very crucial. The care providers should know the value of time and should be well-experienced to take quick and right decisions. Any delay in time, or a simple mistake can cost the patients their life. Sreechand Speciality Hospital’s Emergency & Trauma Care facilities are one of the most advanced in Kannur. Our specialty care sections for accident & trauma, cardiac emergencies, and paediatric emergencies. The department consists of professionals with specialized training and years of experience in dealing with medical emergency situation.

The emergency medicine and trauma department include leading Specialist Doctors, fellowship trained experts in emergency care and our subspecialists are available for consultations. The Centre is staffed with trauma physicians, emergency room physicians, surgical residents and nurses – all in readiness to any kind of medical emergencies. Our emergency care wards are well furnished with latest technology machines to provide with the best of service and care to victims.


  • Advanced Critical Care Facilities.
  • Ventilatory Support with Sophisticated Ventilators and Advanced Ventilator Mode.
  • Emergency CT Scan, Advanced Ultrasound and Laboratory Services.
  • Doppler Studies for Vascular Work-up.
  • Round-the-Clock Availability of Trained Staff and Experienced Specialist Doctors.
  • 24-hour Operating Theatre Services for all types of Surgical Procedures.
  • Emergency Management of Poisoning and Snakebite.

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