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Anesthesiology & Cardiac Anesthesiology

The department of Anesthesiology at Sreechand Speciality Hospital uses the most advanced, safe and patient focused techniques in the delivery of anesthesia. Our team of extremely skilled and well-experienced anesthesiologists allows you to undergo the surgery safely and comfortably, they aid in pain management and good pain management leads to better surgical outcomes and helps in recovery by reducing postoperative complications.


  • General Anesthesia: Where the patient is kept asleep and pain-free throughout the procedure using continuous administration of anaesthetics. At the end of the surgery, the effect of anaesthetics is reversed and he/she is woken up
  • Regional Anesthesia: Where the patient is awake but the part to be operated upon is made temporarily numb using an injection of local anesthetics. If the injection is made into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord, it is called spinal anesthesia. If local anesthetics are injected around the sheath covering the spinal cord, it is called epidural anesthesia. If the injection is made around individual nerve groups, it is called plexus block
  • Monitored Anesthesia Care: Some surgeries can be done using local anesthesia where the injection is made immediately around the part to be operated upon. This is suitable for relatively minor surgeries. However, if there is a worry that the patient can get anxious or that the surgery might be more extensive than anticipated, anesthetists are requested to be ‘stand-by’ to administer sedation, pain relief or anesthesia as required.

Facilities & Procedure

  • Multi-Parameter Invasive and noninvasive Monitoring
  • State –of-the-art Anaesthesia workstations for skillful Administration of modern Anaesthetics for all types of Surgical Procedures
  • Ventilatory Support with Sophisticated ventilators and advanced ventilator modes
  • “Primum non nocere” being the watchword of the department we have instituted various safety measures
  • Monitoring:Mininmum anesthesia standards og monitoring for all the patients. Advanced monitoring like invasive blood pressure monitoring, central venous pressure monitoring, agent monitoring, MAC monitoring, gas analysis, peripheral nerve stimulator, etc are used according to the need
  • Disposable consumables to minimize the risk of cross infections

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