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General Medicine & Diabetology

The Department of General Medicine Physicians are the first point of contact for any patient, as they have holistic approach in analyzing various problems and then if required refer to the concerned super specialist whose highly specialized skills are used for patient benefit. Our Physicians provide the utmost care to the patients starting from simple illnesses relating to day-to-day health issues like fever, cough, flu, myalgia, arthritis, infectious diseases, etc., to complicated and critical illnesses like poison management, septic shock, drug overdose, diabetic ketoacidosis, electrolyte disturbances and various medical illnesses. We give special care to our geriatric group of patients. Geriatric Care involves chronic pain management and supportive care which involves physically and psychologically. Easy approachable and kind speaking physicians are available 24×7 (round the clock) for patients. Patients visiting our hospital for general illnesses are subjected to careful clinical assessments like laboratory and radiology investigations. We have outpatient and inpatient backed by intensive medical care units (ICU) where chronic or acutely ill patients are taken care of. Department of Diabetology aims at the development of novel approaches to the early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes and its acute and chronic complications like retinopathy, nephropathy, diabetic foot care, neuropathy. We focus initially on therapeutic life-style changes for all high risk patients which involves dietitian advice for diet and Diabetologist instructions regarding physical activity and explanation of long-term prognosis of diabetes and its complications. We predominantly emphasis the need of an early detection and management of lifestyle-related diseases like systemic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, obesity and metabolic syndrome. We provide cost-free periodic diabetes management sessions by the diet consultant. Additionally, master health checkup tariffs are made available respective of different age groups and need of patients.


  • Critical Care Unit and Services for Medical Emergencies.
  • Snakebite Unit.
  • Hypertension Treatment, Diabetes, Diabetes-related complications, Haemorrhagic Fever Evaluation & Treatment.
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit equipped with Cardiac Monitors, Critical Care Ventilators.
  • Diabetic Clinic.
  • Routine Patient Education for Diabetes Mellitus & Asthma.

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