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The Department of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy of Sreechand Speciality Hospital delivers best-in-class health care services to patients with diseases of the digestive system. The hospital’s team of gastroenterology & endoscopy specialists diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the stomach, duodenum and small and large bowel (colon). The Department of Gastroentrology strives to accelerate the adoption of best practice in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. It is multidisciplinary and focuses on the needs of patients and the professionals caring for them.

Almost all aspects of Therapeutic Endoscopy can be done in this department, which includes: Bile-Duct Stone Extraction, Bile-Duct Stenting, Naso­biliary Drainage, Endoscopic-variceal sclerotherapy. Endoscopic Variceal band ligation Endoscopic Polypectomy, Endoscopic management of bleeding ulcers, Endoscopic foreign body removal etc. We are the best hospital in kannur having doctors expertised in both medical and surgical gastroenterology.


  • Cholecystectomy.
  • Appendectomy.
  • Hernia Repair Ventral and Inguinal.
  • Cardiomyotomy.
  • Biliary Surgery.
  • Colorectal Surgery Pancreatic cystogastrostomy, Distal Pancreatectomy, Nephrectomy.
  • Adrenalectomy.
  • Splenectomy.

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