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Position: Pharmacy Incharge Job Summary: The Pharmacy Incharge is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the hospital pharmacy in compliance with NABH standards. This includes managing pharmaceutical inventory, ensuring quality and safety standards, and collaborating with healthcare professionals to optimize patient outcomes. Key Responsibilities: NABH Compliance: Ensure strict adherence to NABH standards and guidelines in all pharmacy operations. Implement and maintain processes to meet accreditation requirements related to medication management and dispensing. Pharmacy Operations: Oversee the procurement, storage, and dispensing of medications in accordance with established protocols and safety standards. Manage the pharmacy team, including pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, to ensure efficient and effective service delivery. Quality Control: Establish and maintain quality control measures for pharmaceuticals, including proper storage, handling, and dispensing. Conduct regular audits to monitor compliance with quality and safety standards. Inventory Management: Monitor pharmaceutical inventory levels and ensure timely procurement to prevent stockouts or wastage. Implement a system for the proper storage and disposal of expired or damaged medications. Collaboration: Collaborate with healthcare professionals, including physicians and nurses, to provide pharmaceutical support for patient care. Participate in multidisciplinary meetings to discuss medication-related issues and contribute to treatment plans. Patient Education: Provide education to patients on medication usage, potential side effects, and other relevant information. Collaborate with healthcare providers to offer counseling on medication management as needed. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of medication dispensing, inventory, and other pharmacy-related activities. Prepare reports as required for internal audits and regulatory compliance. Training and Development: Conduct training sessions for pharmacy staff on NABH standards, new medications, and changes in protocols. Stay updated on advancements in pharmacy practice and disseminate relevant information to the team.

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